The world is at a reset, and this is a good time for us to join in on this shift. As the greener flourishes, air purifies, and animals start coming back we are being shown that the old path is over. Many of you may see this as a terrible time, no partying, social interaction, essentials are scarce and being told to stay within the confines of homes. It is the complete opposite, this is a time of growth and rejuvenation for the earth as well as ourselves. The question is, how can we join in on this or at least not stand in the way once quarantine ends?

Look at Your Story

Everything up till now has lead us up to this point, our jobs, social habits, health choices and much more. Thinking about it in this way allows us to see our journey thus far, as we prepare to make changes for the future. Yet, the ability to do this comes from a place of appreciation and gratitude rather than stress and anxiety. The latter being the current theme for many of us right now, but that can easily be shifted as we let go.

Thus before looking at your story, let go of anything and everything that does not serve you. I know for a fact that many of you want to come out of this and go straight back to work, social circles and “normal” routines. Yet, I challenge you to silence those thoughts, be present. Quarantine isn’t changing anytime soon, therefore those thoughts only create a cycle of stress and anxiety.

As you do this start to appreciate life, your health, the roof over your head, access to running water and anything else at your disposal, these things are gifts. Associate them as you would a present on a special occasion or birthday. The rise in positive emotions you are feeling will allow you to go back through your story thus far, without an abundance of negativity.

While you go through it, look at everything from your job to health habits, are they aligned with what you want out of life? If not, try to pinpoint when things began to stray. Write them down, post them somewhere, do whatever it takes to remember them.

Turning points

Each of the stray points is a turning point that took you further away from the life you want. Without any emotional attachment discard each of them by affirming to change that area of life. If it is work-related, affirm that you will work in a field that makes you feel alive, rather than strained or stressed. Do the same thing for each to create new points. Ones that will set the tone for this new chapter ahead as well as help you move forward.


That said, you might not know how to act upon these affirmations. I suggest finding someone who is doing each of them and reaching out directly or finding resources online. Bear in mind the changes will not happen immediately or overnight but in small steps each day. The more time you allocate to each, the faster the process will be. There will be some adversity along the way, which will test how bad you want to live up to these affirmations. Do not let them win!

If you have to, tell someone or a few people what you are trying to do and create a support system. Create some weekly, monthly and yearly goals or check-in points. Therefore you will not be able to stray too far off.

Final thoughts

That said, none of this is the law or a must-do, rather a few suggestions on how to reset and move forward.


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Ethan is a self-motivated McGill graduate with strong technical expertise, social & digital marketing experience. His work relies on strong communication skills and experience interacting with various levels of stakeholders. Skills: Adept at creating device-adaptive websites and compelling e-commerce stores. Over 8 years of experience in communications, videography and web design, with a thorough understanding of cross-media processes from concept to completion.

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