It’s a Lifestyle

There are so many workout and diet plans out there with more coming out every day, especially now since everyone is still in the “NEW YEAR NEW ME” phase. Yet, I’d like to go against the mould and create a lifestyle, not a plan. That’s what we do each week, add new skills to our healthy lifestyle goals.

That said, today we will talk about calories, even though many of you do not count them, they play a major role in weight maintenance as well as gain and loss. The average man needs 2500 daily calories and woman 2000 to maintain their current weight. Thus, eating less aids in weight loss and more aids in gain. You can lose one pound a week by consuming 500 fewer calories than normal, therefore, using the averages men should consume 2000 and women 1500, but what happens when these calories are high in on macronutrient?

Macro Nutrition

This is defined by two characteristics, the biologically wholistic process by which elements of food and water are used by the body. The second is the ingestion of chemical compounds that the body cannot produce on its own. These chemicals aid in the creation and restoration of health and are classified as nutrients, split into three groups, fat, carb and protein. These groups work together to form other classifications, but we won’t dive into that today.


Carbon compound that provides energy as it gets broken down during the metabolic process. These are commonly seen as unsaturated (good) and saturated (bad). Unsaturated fats are detoxified and stored by the body, whereas Saturated fats are toxic to muscles. Take a moment to think about that for a second, TOXIC.


A carbon compound similar to fats, which creates energy as it gets broken down. Yet, the two classifications of carbs are not toxic to the body. Simple carbs give you a burst of energy or sugar high because they are metabolized quickly. Complex carbs give you more sustainable long term energy because they take longer to be digested and absorbed by the body.


A nitrogen-containing chemical that fuels the creation of body tissue, enzymes, hormones and other essential internals. It is essential to consume protein daily to avoid harming the bodies natural processes.

Back to calories

Now that you have some new info on macronutrients. I want to add daily intake numbers to the mix. These numbers vary between plans and people, but as a plant-based nutritionist with years of experience in the field, I go by what I learn. A person male or female should consume 10 – 12% protein, 12 – 14% fat and the rest carbs. If you’d like to change these numbers, in any way the equation for daily protein is calculated by .8 grams multiplied by body weight in kg. The formula for fats is total daily calories x.30 (30%) then divide the total by 9 to find the amount in grams. Carbs will take up the remainder after calculating protein and fat intake.

That said, there are daily recommendations by the ADA and USDA that recommend 20 – 30% fats, 45 – 65% carbs and protein based on the equation above.

Sum it Up

This post has been a whirlwind of information, and I know in some parts need more clarity, but laying it out this way, opens up a discussion between you and me, as well as research a few things for yourself.

That said, in my opinion, macro-nutrition and daily calorie intake is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, the ability to understand these concepts and create a personalized nutritional lifestyle will enhance all aspects of life. Moreover, remember the plans you find online and across social media are tailored to body types, not specific body functionality, because all our bodies function differently.

Take the time to experiment with macros and please message me if you need some guidelines on how to do this.


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