Positivity + Proactivity Ingredients for a Better Life

Last week we spoke about the ability to stay positive and steer clear of social competition. This post will expand on these notions further because they are crucial to turning our lives around for the better. 


In our business life, there are always new goals and challenges that arise every day. With each new goal comes another direction for you to run in, even when we aren’t finished running in the current one. This causes a split in focus, which leads to less than one hundred investment in the current situation. Furthermore, it disrupts your mental flow as it is bouncing back and forth between two ideas, sometimes even more than that. 

Instead, write down the new goals that come up daily and then let go of them. This doesn’t mean forever, but just until you complete what you have started presently. By doing this, you alleviate any chance for your mind to slip into emotional reactions, especially ones that will overwhelm and change the course of your day. 

As you complete your current venture, grab the list of goals you have been writing and start to label each of these. Label them from the least to the most important, as you do this focus on your state of mind throughout, which ones boost or dampen your mood. If all of them dampen the mood, focus on something that elevates it, as you put the list away.

When you are back in a positive state of mind, look back at the list and start mapping out ways to start as well as achieve the goals. Focus on the most important and the least important. Once the mind starts to fall down the rabbit hole of negativity, stop again.

 We do this to be proactive, rather than reactive when planning the next move. It might take longer than you want it to, but that’s ok. It is far more important to associate positive energy with growth than a mixture of positive and negative. 

Chose One 

When you come back again look at the list under the most important and least import, chose the one you react least to. Use this as the first step in positively moving forward, rather than reactively forcing yourself to get your life in order.

Every day, until this new venture is complete, focus on it one hundred percent, add to your goal list along the way. 

What about Challenges?

During this process, you will face challenges as we do in all parts of life. When they arise, take them one at a time, devote a part of the day to overcome these challenges, when the daily goals are completed or just before they start. By devoting a window of time for this, you prevent it from disrupting the entire day. 

As you focus on this window, use the same skill as the goal list. Stay positive with the intent on finding a solution that does not require sacrificing happiness. If that is not possible in the allocated time window, switch to something else and work on it later. 

This does not mean hide from new challenges and difficulties, but rather working through them without reactive tendencies.

Start Again

When it is time to start another venture, or new challenges arise, repeat the steps mentioned early. These tools will not only help you in business but also in life as you navigate making choices. 

We only have one life, why not live it as positive as possible, no matter the circumstances. 


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Ethan is a self-motivated McGill graduate with strong technical expertise, social & digital marketing experience. His work relies on strong communication skills and experience interacting with various levels of stakeholders. Skills: Adept at creating device-adaptive websites and compelling e-commerce stores. Over 8 years of experience in communications, videography and web design, with a thorough understanding of cross-media processes from concept to completion.

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