Eating Window, Strategies for Hitting YOUR Goals

When you fast, there is an allocated timeframe to eat. At first, you countdown the hours, minutes and even seconds until your window opens. The final minutes before, you have already mapped out what delicious food will serve to break the fast. Nuts, fruits, veggies, maybe a meal from your weekly meal prep. No matter what it is, I commend you for embarking on the journey of fasting.

That said, once the window is open, you find yourself worried about one of two things, overeating or under-eating. As this happens, you begin to dread opening your window in the first place. When it’s closed life is simple, because there is one rule. Do not consume anything that will break the fast, thus flat or sparkling water, black coffee, and tea are your best friends. Sometimes, none of these thoughts come to mind instead you gorge, until it is time to stop.

However, none of the things mentioned in the paragraph above is healthy, furthermore, a sustainable way to continue incorporating fasting in your life. When thinking long term, you must associate it with your health goals and the path to achieving them.

Use The Window to YOUR Advantage

First of all, fully embrace the eating window. Let go of any thoughts and emotions that ruin this time for you.

Second, set a daily calorie goal, which aids in achieving your overall health goals. If that deals with weight, remember, fewer calories when losing and more calories when gaining. It is more complicated than this, but for now, focus on one of these.

The third way is to use your window wisely, which means do not open your window too early or too late in the day. Rather, listen to and get in tune with the body. It will tell you when it needs fuel in the form of water or food in addition to when it does not. Base the opening and closing on this notion. You may realize that you can consume all your calories in less time than your allocated window, which is fine.

However, if you are unable to consume enough, I suggest planning out meals within the allocated timeframe. In some cases, you may even have to switch the open and close times again.

Put It All Together

Once you incorporate these into your window, I promise that it will make it much easier to sustain intermittent fasting long term. Furthermore, provide you with the knowledge to help push you further in your journey to living a happy and healthier life.

A good way to do this is by incorporating one strategy a week until it feels natural. For some, this will take longer than a week, whereas, for others, it might take less time. The timeframe is irrelevant as long as you know, each strategy is incorporated correctly.

If you need help or eager to learn more, comment below, I am happy to help.

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