Try Something New!

Recently I completed the plant-based nutrition certification to gain the knowledge I need to help others live a healthier life. My friends and family immediately asked me. How will I be able to manage this as well as the digital marketing firm? The response, I am passionate about them both, therefore I will make it work.

Adding new skills to the fold are not burdens or stressors, but rather new pathways to expand. A skill I’d like to pass on to the rest of you in hopes you will do the same with your followers.


This has come up many times throughout the blog, yet I want to touch on it again, as an entrepreneur passion is the best motivator, it comes from within instead of external factors such as money, fame, cars and other materialistic things.

That said, it is sometimes hard to work in a field you are truly passionate about, not to mention have the ability to see a future in it. This is because many of us can not differentiate a hobby from a passion. Thus, we will differentiate the two right now.

A hobby is fun, something we like to do often, but can easily back away from, when the time comes.

Passion, on the other hand, is apart of us, we feel whole when doing it. An almost euphoric experience between activity and self. A good way to think of passion is by grouping it with a constant thought or action. In my case, I cannot stop thinking about ways to help people achieve their goals in life. Especially in areas such as health, fitness, and business. An insatiable hunger burning inside, and there’s no stopping it.

Use It

Once you figure out what you are passionate about, its time to look for ways to use it, before planning out a path or setting a few goals search for others in the same field. Social media is the number one source when looking for people doing what they love. Watching their youtube channel, Instagram posts and other platform content will give you an idea of the possibilities.

As you do this the ideas will start to flow through you, don’t forget to write them down though. After you have a list, take some time, narrow it down to your top two or more. At this point, it is time to start brainstorming ways to move forward. I suggest conceptualizing a few ways for each idea to work, without considering money or funding. These two will come as you start putting in the work and communicating with your inner circle.

A journey

I can tell you, not a lot of people will understand your choice or want to help bring it to life. This is completely fine and shouldn’t burn any bridges, because your passion is not theirs nor can they understand the drive behind it. Use this as energy to get the venture off the ground. As you get further along reach out to others in your field or turn to free sources of promotion like your social media accounts. Post about it as often as possible to get the word out.

In some situations, additional certifications might be needed to earn an income or enter specific groups. Use a crowdfunding site like Go Fund Me or Patreon to earn money toward the certification.

From experience, all of this is exciting and worthwhile, no matter what happens, as long as you don’t get lost in the process. Remember moving forward, backwards or not at all, it’s a journey, not a sprint.

Remember, you are your worst enemy and the only thing standing in the way of achieving your goals. Take everything as it comes, crush daily, weekly and monthly goals, in no time you will be further along than you imagined.
I am always here to help with anything, feel free to reach out whenever you want.


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Ethan is a self-motivated McGill graduate with strong technical expertise, social & digital marketing experience. His work relies on strong communication skills and experience interacting with various levels of stakeholders. Skills: Adept at creating device-adaptive websites and compelling e-commerce stores. Over 8 years of experience in communications, videography and web design, with a thorough understanding of cross-media processes from concept to completion.

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