There is NO EXCUSE!

As I sit on the plane, ready for my next adventure, this post comes to mind. No, it is not a travel guide or must-visit type post. Those, I leave to the travel enthusiasts who chose to document their entire adventure. This is about keeping up with health and fitness goals, while on the move.


Time off is good from lifting and indoor gym sessions to rejuvenate the body and mind. However, it is no excuse to stop doing other forms of exercise such as plyometrics, isolated bodyweight, crosswords or any other mental/physical exercise.

The body has an internal clock that takes no breaks and requires stimulation.


Daily mental stimulation helps to prevent diseases like dementia. Using the brain to do crosswords, read, write and mediate provides positive stimulus. As I have come to understand, this type of stimulation can support the growth of new nerve cells and aid in slowing various forms of mental decay.

Furthermore, various types of physical exercise have been linked to providing a similar, if not better result.

Since I am not an expert in this field, I leave the rest of the research to you.


There is a vast selection of exercises and full workouts that can be done anywhere. Some require equipment, but a lot can be done using your bodyweight. At first, it is daunting to make a routine and requires some prior knowledge. Nevertheless, some apps will take care of this for you or at least be a free guide.


Lately, my focus has been on functional work to keep my body and mind in tip-top shape. Thus, I have started a biweekly vlog series on the topic to attract people who prefer video over reading.

That said, I seek out full-body outdoor workouts as often as possible, not only do they save time but leave room for constant manipulation. Finding new ways to combine exercises such as burpees, air squats, lunges, double unders, push-ups and much more to get that blood pumping. Tire flips, cement block curls or squats provide sufficient weight to build muscle, especially when there is no affordable gym nearby.

That’s said, I like to go off on foot to explore the surroundings while getting a cardio pump along the way.


It does not have to be complicated because as you can see fitness can be done anywhere and with almost anything. It blows my mind how much we can do outside of the gym with a little creativity and will to push our boundaries.

Routine ideas

Want to learn more? Break some personal barriers? Message me or comment below and I’ll send you some outdoor exercises. The next post will include a few EMOM things to try and explain what EMOM means.

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