Everyone has the “perfect” pre-workout routine these days or at least claims they do, so you buy whatever they are selling. Yet, no one goes out of their way to tell you the benefits of alternative methods, but then again who wants to do that? The answer should be everyone but in reality, it is no one, which is most likely because there is just so much content out there. It would take hours to skim through the different plans and then chose or create the ideal one.

However, I’d like to share an alternative with you that requires a little bit of knowledge about the body (your’s specifically) and the main goals that are set. As you know, my whole philosophy is built around a routine which focuses on my bodies needs in terms of training as well as nutrition. Therefore, my pre-workout routine is a little different than most because it is tailored to my goals. Currently, those goals are building lean mass as cleanly as possible, meaning minimal supplements and a healthy (pescatarian vegan mashup) diet. Thus, fasted workouts are my bread and butter, which may even be the case for you or at least an experiment! Before I tell you more I’d like to mention some health science.

Consuming food before training

Without getting too specific here, when food enters our body the pancreas produces insulin and releases it into our blood. This elevation takes the body out of a fat-burning state since it will use the glucose as a source of energy. Any remaining glucose is stored and this amount can vary depending on how much food has been consumed. Therefore, fat burn during the upcoming workout will be less than it could be.

Fasted workout

Working out in a fasted state, allows us to have optimal fat burn since insulin levels are low. Thus, our body turns to fat cells as a source of energy rather than glucose. Now, this does not mean to starve yourself to get the best results from the workout. Moreover, low insulin levels can be achieved at different times based on what nutrients were consumed leading up to the workout. Note that a workout after a six or more hour fast has been proven to increase fat burn capabilities in the body.

With that Information

There is a lot more information that accompanies the information above but I think you get the gist of it. Furthermore, I am not a nutritionist or health scientist, therefore links will be posted below for those who want to understand the concepts more.

However, as someone who has followed many plans before for optimal workout results, I can tell you that nothing has worked better than fasting prior. My body feels energized throughout the whole workout in addition to less fatigued. The reasoning behind this is that fat burn and building muscle is usually the goal in the gym, especially for my current goals. Plus, knowing what to consume before a workout is stressful. Unnecessary stress that no one needs on their plate if you ask me.

Moreover, it is possible to bulk up while doing fasted workouts because post-workout routines can aid in this process. Not to mention, can even replace burnt fat if you are consuming high calories foods during this time.

Remember, all of this is influenced by the body and how long it takes to complete these processes. As I have said, it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out the best methods for you in conjunction with the set goals.

Hope you learned something from this post and are eager for more! Like, Share, Bookmark and get ready for more weekly content.

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