Eating too MUCH …… Eating too LITTLE

One of the most important parts of living a healthy life is how we nourish ourselves and what that consists of. Now I am not a nutritionist (I know a good plant-based one if you need) but over the years I’ve tried a few “diets”. Some of them are carb cycling, high protein, fasting, just to name a few but as I mentioned in the first post of the series “What Make You Fit” (a good read for the newcomers) none of them helped long term. This is because they all came from other peoples success within their body rather than being in-tune with my own. Intermittent fasting, however, has been the longest non-planned based one so far, which is why there is a whole post about that coming soon!

what does it mean to be in tune with my body?

It’s a lot of trial and error to be quite honest in conjunction with being consciously aware of your body. Now I am not saying sit down close your eyes while giving into each craving because that usually ends with a stomach ache or chain of unhealthy habits. Even though it would be a good lesson, a lot of fun and a nice trip to the toilet. I mean eating different types of food to see how the body handles it as well as the effects it has, such as weight gain/ loss, bloating, satisfaction or lack thereof. Taking mental notes along the way to build up your food dictionary or armoury (as I call it!) This not only gives you a better understanding of your body but also gives you a new form of freedom in conjunction with control. Control in the sense that there is no need to look up diet plans to help you lean out or bulk up, instead you know which foods to eat to achieve the intended goal. This allows for seamless changes in the body without uprooting your life or at least not too much.

Forgetting about it ….

This skill is one that until recently was heavily neglected by me. I did not pay too much attention to the foods I was consuming because it has become so mindless. The reason for this being that after a long time of eating all types of random foods I figured out what types to eat during each of my “phases.” Just like most of you have phases for cutting, bulking or whatever label they go by, I have the same, which do not change my daily life. It is a truly amazing feeling to be able to do this after seeing so many people around me struggling with a new plan they found online to get the summer body, winter bulk or social media-worthy look. Even though these type of thoughts are not even worth wasting time on. Yet, I know most of us tend to get them due to external things like social media for example.

However, I am not trying to brag or boast but instead urge you to get in tune. Who wouldn’t enjoy the ability to seamlessly switch up meals to gain or lose weight without looking it up? That is the power you will have once you are in tune with your body which also leads to being in tune with your mind. It is not going to be an instant change as you may have noticed from my experience of trying different types of foods to build up my food armoury but it is worth it. Not to mention, it will be the easiest plan you have ever had to follow.

A little Extra?

Usually, like to keep my posts random but the next one in this section is about Intermittent fasting or IF! Trust me when I say it is not one to be missed, it’s educational, life-changing and honestly a lot of fun to incorporate into life. Moreover, IF will give you a little more time in your days because………. You will just have to read the full post to find out more.

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